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April 2003: Coffer dam construction at Pier 37; Foundation work at Pier 36.
Pier 37: Construction of the follower coffer dam begins with erection of the supporting framework. As the caisson sinks into the water, the coffer dam will keep sediment from flowing into open dredge wells on the lower caisson, and will keep the top of the caisson dry for concrete pours.
Pier 37: Construction of the follower coffer dam. The supporting framework rests on a beam embedded in the top of the lower caisson.
Pier 37: Sheet piles are attached to the framework to form a wall that encloses the upper caisson.
Pier 37: Webcam view shows the coffer dam framework before and after installation of the steel sheet pile walls.
Pier 36: Workers stand atop a steel casing for one of the 6-1/2-foot (2m) drill shafts that will form the foundation for Pier 36. These workers are installing a tremie pipe that will be used to place concrete in the drilled shaft.
Pier 36: Concrete from a mixing truck (1) is transferred to a pump truck (2) that places concrete into the drill shaft through a long, extendable boom (3).
Pier 36: Steel casings for some of the 15 foundation shafts. The steel casings are driven into the ground with a vibratory hammer and earth is removed with a large auger. Concrete is then placed into the open excavation to form a concrete shaft. The tops of the shafts are actually some 30 feet (9m) below ground. Pier 37 is visible behind the excavator.
Pier 36: Excavation around foundation shaft casings.
Construction of support rings for the Pier 36 coffer dam. The support rings will line the pit of the coffer dam and support the steel sheet pile walls.
Construction of the support ring for the Pier 36 coffer dam.
The first coffer dam ring in place.