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June-July 2003: Activity at Piers 36,37,38
Piers 37 (foreground) and 38. Construction at Pier 37 leads Pier 38 by about one month.
Pier 37 between concrete pours. Note that the blue concrete forms at level 1 have been lifted to the next level. Forms at level 2 are at the level of the most recent pour. The brown steel "follower cofferdam" rises some 30 feet (9m) above the waterline.
Web cam view of dredge work in progress at Pier 38. By contrast, the follower cofferdam rises some 80 feet (24m) above the waterline at the time of this photo. The cofferdam will "follow" the caisson at it sinks into the water.
The size of this project begins to become evident in this view from the Arkansas shore. The cofferdam for Pier 36 is in the foreground (a 15-foot aluminum ladder provides some scale) while cranes frame Pier 37. A corner of Pier 38 is visible in the distance.
Concrete buckets swing into place over Pier 37. Workers stand atop wooden platforms that cover the caisson's dredge wells. Concrete is placed in the space between the platforms.
Steel rebar on Pier 37. Concrete will be placed through the orange tremie pipe. The dredge well, is visible to the right.
Site of Pier 36 near the Arkansas shore, viewed from Pier 37. The brown steel cofferdam keeps water from entering the construction area.
Inside the Pier 36 cofferdam. The 6-1/2 foot (2m) tubes are casings for concrete drill shafts. The 150 foot-deep (46m) shafts have already been filled with concrete. After the casings are removed, a 13-foot (4m) concrete cap will be poured around the shafts to lock them together, and to keep water from seeping in from below.
A crane hoists the last full bucket of concrete from a barge docked at Pier 37.
View of the 1940 bridge from the relocated web cam, which offers unobstructed views up and down river.