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Our online image library is maintained directly by Greenville Bridge project personnel. The most recent set of photos from the construction site appears below. As new photo sets are created, old photo sets are listed on the Archive Page.

2006-2009: The Approach Projects
The substructure columns of the Arkansas Approach bridge proceed to the east toward the Mississippi River levee and the Cable Stayed main span unit.
With all 34 of the 20 by 70 ft. foundation footings complete and reinforcing steel projecting from the top, the footings are ready for column construction.
Supporting the superstructure (roadway) are 34 substructure "bents" on the Arkansas Approach and 45 on the Mississippi Approach. The bents vary from 19 to 63 feet tall.
In the spring of 2008, the Mississippi River reached the third highest elevation since the Great Flood of 1927. As the Mississippi River ran its course over the land between the levees, work stopped on the substructure for both approach projects.
The 118 foot precast, prestressed concrete beams for the approaches were delivered to the project site over land by trucks that caravanned in groups of four and six at a time.
The 10 precast, prestressed concrete beams required for each span are guided to and set in their correct location by contractor personnel on the top of the bent caps, communicating by radio with crane operators below. The beams weigh approximately 45 tons.
The Arkansas Approach is 85% complete. Shown here in September of 2008, all bents are complete and work to set the support beams and complete the roadway deck is proceeding.
After several bents were completed, we discovered a definite pattern.
The Mississippi Approach features 6500 feet of bridge, shown here early in its construction. Today, the Mississippi Approach is complete.
The Mississippi Approach is shown here through the legs of the east tower of the Cable Stayed Bridge. Today, the Mississippi Approach is complete.
Completed Arkansas Approach as seen on August 5, 2009 from the top of the cable stay bridge tower on the Arkansas side of the river.