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Project Summary: The Greenville Bridges

The construction of a bridge across the Mississippi River is a grand spectacle, the kind of event that may come to a city or region only once in a lifetime. The people of Greenville, Mississippi, and Lake Village, Arkansas, celebrated such an event on September 17, 1940, when more than 5000 people gathered to dedicate the new US 82 Benjamin G. Humphreys bridge, one of the longest spans anywhere on the river when it was finished.

In 2006, such a celebration occured again when the newest US 82 bridge was completed, and the dream of a bridge for Greenville came true for the second time in a century.

Read about both Greenville Bridges, viewed through history:

The 1940 Bridge was a distinctive structure of its own time. Read about the first US 82 bridge and view the technical specifications.
The New Bridge will be the longest cable-stayed span on the Mississippi River when completed, but the distinctions won't stop there.
The Quest for a Bridge: Read about the efforts that brought the first bridge to Greenville during the years of the Great Depression, and view historic bridge photos.
Benjamin G. Humphreys, for whom the 1940 bridge was named, brought the term "flood control" to the American lexicon and brought relief from flooding to the Mississippi Delta. Who was he?

Technical Documents: Design diagrams for the new US 82 bridge, presented in Adobe .pdf format.
Related Links: Other Internet web sites of interest.

Research Sources:
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R. Daryl Lewis, Leland, Mississippi
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